Open 7 Days a Week!

  1. What is the customer experience like at Wash Werks?
    Like everything at Motor Werks, customer service comes first, and Wash Werks is no exception. Wash Werks is the same facility we use to wash and detail our brand-new inventory and our trained attendants are always there to guide you through any part of the process. We use gentle brush technology and mild soaps to clean your vehicle from top to bottom and our dryers give your vehicle a quick dry as you exit. All you need to do is pull into the wash and follow the simple instructions, and don't forget to use your perks if you have them!
  2. Do I stay in the car?
    Yes. During the washing process, you will remain inside your vehicle.stay in car, stay car
  3. Do I place my vehicle in neutral?
    Yes. Your vehicle must be placed in neutral when it reaches the belt. You will see a sign with instructions and one of our trained staff members will be there to help. neutral, park, drive, parked, brake, transmission
  4. Should I place my car into carwash mode?
    Yes, please make sure you place your car in carwash mode before entering the tunnel. This will disengage safety features that could impact the wash process.
  5. Should I turn off my automatic wipers?
    Yes, please make sure to turn off your automatic wipers before entering the tunnel because this could cause damage to your wiper system.wipers, wiper blades, windshield wipers
  6. Can I wash with a trailer hitch?
    No. No. Hitches should be removed prior to washing because it could cause damage to not only your vehicle but also our equipment.
  7. Will the vehicle be hand-dried?
    No, but the dryers and drying agent work very well. If you would like to give your vehicle a little personal attention, please pull into the free vacuum area or schedule an appointment at our full detail center, powered by Motor Werks. hand dry, hand dried
  8. Do you do interior vehicle cleaning?
    Because we are an express exterior car wash, we cannot clean the interior of your vehicle on your behalf. The vacuums in our free self-service stalls are high power and our staff is available to assist any drivers in need.
  9. Is your car wash touchless?
    We are not a touchless car wash, but we do offer a mix of soft cloth and microfiber material to pamper your vehicles finish as it passes through our state-of-the-art wash system which combined with our high pressure rinse and our heated drying chamber will give you the best wash experience possible!
  10. Are credit cards accepted?
    Yes, additionally we accept a variety of payment options including Google and Apple Pay or the Motor Werks Perks mobile app.
  11. Do you use a water reclamation system?
    Yes. We do utilize a water reclamation system that helps us be very efficient when it comes to water utilization and that combined with our reverse osmosis system which helps us maintain a spot free finish.
  12. Can any sized vehicle be washed?
    Just about! Before your first pass through, stop by our wash if you have any questions or concerns. The following is a list of requirements that would prevent a vehicle from being washed:
    • Ground clearance less than 2.5"
    • Vehicles taller than 7'2", this includes vehicles with cargo boxes, bike racks, or accessories that exceed 7'2"
    • Overly rusty or excessively dirty vehicles
    • Pickups with an open bed containing excessive debris and/or any sort of loose materials
    • Full-size conversion or work vans with an extended height that exceed the 7\’2" limit
    • Trucks with doubled/dually tires in the back with an overall width greater than 92"
    • Vehicles with tripod-style mirrors that cannot be folded-in
    • Pickups with a fuel transfer tank that has protruding hose and/or fill nozzle
    • Vans or trucks with ladders attached or oversized ladder racks
    • Vehicles with spike lug-nuts
    • Vehicles with aftermarket accessories or modifications that do not appropriately cover the tires
    • Commercial trucks without fenders and/or body panels, such as tow trucks or dump trucks
    You may also want to discuss with a wash attendant first if you have any of the following problems or features:
    • Preexisting damage to the vehicle (such as peeling paint, excessive rust, or loose molding)
    • A crack in the windshield or any of the glass
    • Objects on your car antenna that could sustain damage (flag, ball, etc.)
    • Antennas that you cannot lower or remove
    • Aftermarket Rear or Front Spoiler, or Racing Fin
    • Any aftermarket components glued on, that were not installed by the manufacturer
    • Loose or Damaged Mirrors
  13. Do you wash pickup trucks?
    Almost always, the answer is "yes." However, we cannot wash pickup trucks with loose items in the bed area. Trucks with aftermarket accessories or modifications, including certain off-road or oversized vehicles, may not be able to go through the wash.
  14. Can you wash a convertible?
    Absolutely! Just remember that before entering the wash, it is your responsibility to ensure that the roof is properly latched in the closed position.
  15. Can I get my car washed if it was recently painted?
    Yes, provided that the paint has properly dried. If you are unsure of the recommended curing time, you can inquire at the body shop.
  16. Could the wash break my cracked windshield?
    It's not likely, but we highly advise against it, as any changes in temperature could cause the damage to worsen.
  17. Will my bug shield survive a wash?
    We are unable to guarantee the safety of any aftermarket accessory as they vary in quality. Shields or other aftermarket accessories with partial damage or poor installation should not be taken through the wash.