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How to Put Your Tesla in Car Wash Mode

How to Put Your Tesla in Car Wash Mode

A great perk of owning a Tesla is the Car Wash Mode option. This quick and easy process ensures the Tesla is safe and ready for a car wash. Here's what you need to know ahead of your visit to Wash Werks in Barrington.

How to Put Your Tesla in Car Wash Mode

  • Put the Car in Park. Your Tesla must be placed in park and can't be charging or hooked up to a charger to access the controls menu and activate Car Wash Mode.
  • Access the Controls Menu. Tap the car icon at the bottom left of the touchscreen to open the Controls menu.
  • Navigate to Service. Now that you're in the Controls menu, navigate to the Service tab.
  • Activate Car Wash Mode. In the Service tab, locate and tap Car Wash Mode.
  • Confirm Activation. Once you tap Car Wash Mode, you'll see a prompt about the features. Press confirm to activate.

What Does Tesla Car Wash Mode Do?

Now that we know how to put your Tesla in Car Wash Mode, your next question might be what Car Wash Mode does. The short answer is activating Car Wash Mode gets the Tesla ready and safe for a car wash. Here's how it does that:

  • Car Wash Mode disables automatic windshield wipers, sentry mode, walk-away door locking, and parking sensor chimes.
  • It will also close all windows and lock the charge port to prevent accidental opening.
  • If your Tesla has air suspension, it will automatically lower to make it easier to clean the roof.

Car Wash Mode is necessary because the vehicle could be damaged if it's not activated, especially the charge port or windshield wipers. It's important to note that Tesla warranties don't cover any damage caused by car washes.

How to Deactivate Tesla Car Wash Mode

Once your car wash is complete, you must deactivate Car Wash Mode. To exit Car Wash Mode, follow the same steps on the Controls menu, toggle Car Wash Mode off, or drive away when finished. Car Wash Mode will be disabled automatically if the Tesla exceeds 9 mph. You can access your Tesla owner's manual online for more information.

Wash Your Tesla at Wash Werks

Tesla going through the car wash at Wash Werks in Barrington.

Now that you're familiar with how to activate and deactivate Car Wash Mode, stop by Wash Werks in Barrington for a wash. We offer four different washes, including our signature Ceramic Shield wash. We also offer auto detail services and car wash memberships.

Tesla recommends that you hand wash your vehicle, and as with all makes and models, you wash at your own risk. But we wash hundreds of Teslas every week here at Wash Werks and we're confident you'll love the results of your wash. We also offer free vacuum stations and we have an EV charger on site.

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