Deluxe Car Wash

Explore the Deluxe Wash at Wash Werks, where affordability meets excellence in car care. Priced at just $8, our Deluxe Wash is designed to provide your vehicle with a thorough and revitalizing cleaning experience. Here's what you can expect from this budget-friendly yet comprehensive wash tier:

Deluxe Wash Features

  • Rim Cleaner: Say goodbye to stubborn brake dust and road grime as our rim cleaner restores the shine to your wheels, leaving them looking brand new.
  • High-Pressure (HP) Blast: Our high-pressure blast ensures that dirt and debris are blasted away from every nook and cranny, ensuring a meticulous clean.
  • Clear Coat: Protect your car's clear coat with our specialized treatment, enhancing its longevity and maintaining that showroom finish.
  • Undercarriage Wash: We don't just focus on what's visible; our undercarriage wash targets hidden dirt, rust, and grime, ensuring your vehicle is clean inside and out.

Why Choose the Deluxe Wash?

  • Affordability: Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive car wash without breaking the bank. Our Deluxe Wash is budget-friendly, making it the perfect choice for regular maintenance.
  • Thorough Cleaning: From the rims to the undercarriage, every aspect of your vehicle receives meticulous attention, ensuring a clean and rejuvenated appearance.
  • Protective Clear Coat Treatment: Our clear coat treatment goes beyond cleaning; it protects your vehicle's clear coat, preserving its shine and safeguarding it against the elements.
  • Convenience: Experience a quick and efficient wash that doesn't compromise on quality. The Deluxe Wash is the ideal choice for those looking for an effective yet time-saving option.

Why Choose Wash Werks?

Wash Werks is part of the Motor Werks family. Motor Werks dealerships have a long history of connecting local customers with the perfect car for their lifestyle and budget. Stop by Motor Werks’ spacious and comfortable campus featuring a Starbucks™ Café and many more amenities! Alongside these many benefits, additional reasons to choose Wash Werks include:

  • Exclusive Wash Werks Ceramic Shield Coating wash
  • Soft-Brush, High-Pressure Technology
  • Free Vacuums Stations
  • Complete Detail Center

Exterior image of a clean, modern car wash facility with a Wash Werks logo