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Turtle Wax at Wash Werks in Barrington

Turtle Wax at Wash Werks in Barrington

Turtle Wax at Wash Werks

When it comes to car care products, Turtle Wax is the most-trusted name in the industry, and has been for more than 75 years. The Turtle Wax® brand has been synonymous with quality and enjoys a long-standing tradition of excellence. Wash Werks is pleased to team up with Turtle Wax Pro as they continue to drive innovation with new, environmentally friendly car wash chemistry that produces the cleanest, driest, and shiniest cars. Here are the Turtle Wax products in use at Wash Werks in Barrington.

Turtle Wax Fire

Turtle Wax Fire at Wash Werks in Barrington
Turtle Wax Fire is formulated to create a dense, visually appealing foam that is exceptional at deep surface cleaning, something your vehicle always needs in a city consistently hit hard by all four seasons.

With slightly low pH, Fire Bath holds up in less-than-ideal water conditions to provide a fantastic foam quality, without using additional chemicals. The anionic charge present in Fire Bath is perfect for lifting large particulate soils at the start of a wash while enhancing foam and lubricity, allowing for less detergent later in the wash process!

Turtle Wax Ice

Turtle Wax Ice at Wash Werks in Barrington
ICE® Instant Shine™ delivers maximum surface protection and radiant long-lasting shine. It enhances water repellency through advanced sheeting technology produced by bonding polymers that work to adhere and bind with the particles on the vehicle’s surface. A hydrophobic barrier is created which aids in the rapid removal of water and protection of the surface from harsh weather conditions. Our iconic ceramic finishing product ICE® Instant Shine™ comes in two fantastic scents, Cool Mango and Creamsicle Chill!‍

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish

Turtle Wax Super Hard Finish Shell at Wash Werks in Barrington
Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish increases the hydrophobic effect to shed water from a vehicle’s surface, protects paint from UV rays, enhances gloss, and provides lasting sealant power which protects your vehicle's finish.

The use of Super Hard Shell Finish or any other clear coat protectant leads to easier future cleaning, due to the barrier created between the car and road film. This can lead to a compounding effect with cars becoming cleaner, drier and shinier after multiple washes.